A Tarot Spell: Recovery Aid | Eating Addiction

3 min readJun 26, 2022


Level: Advanced

Practice: La Santisma Muerte Devotee

To ask support from La Santisma Muerte for the purpose of recovery.

Tarot Deck*
Sacred Ash to blow

If you do not have a tarot deck, you can write or have someone write down the names of the cards on paper
Also please note, there are braille tarot decks available, if you require one.
You do not need to be able to see yourself in the mirror. You just need to be facing one.

Room Dressings
lavender or dark berry incense or candle
black altar cloth
plants or flowers
crystal display or grid
Recommended stones:
black tourmaline, bloodstone, amethyst,
rose quartz, angelite, gray agate, clear

dark colors &/or dark berry scents

Candle Dressings for intention

Journal, recording device, or a trusted care assistant for documenting any insights

Waning Gibbous — Black Moon

3rd Quarter/Waning Moon
New Moon
Black Moon


Set Up the following cards in a pentagram. If you have crystals you can use them to create a circle around the cards, creating a pentacle. Place the clear quartz on the Ace of Wands.

Point: The Hermit
self reflection
seeking wisdom
MidLeft: Hanged Mxn reversed
getting back on your feet
MidRight: The Devil
traditional beauty is a myth
Bottom Left: IX of Swords reversed
letting go of anxiety around food
Bottom Right: VI of Pentacles reversed
Center: Ace of Wands
being present; mindful living


Blow sacred ash at the mirror, while you face it directly.
[Your assistant can hold the ash for you]

If inclined, you or your assistant may cleanse your space and you with sacred herb, a crystal, or an incantation

Ground via meditation, breath work, or breathe with intention

Cast a double circles for protection and communication

Invoke La Santisma Muerte, using the incantation below or use your own:

**Through the endurance of earth
Through the vitality of fire
Through the wisdom of air
Through the adaptability of water
I call to thee, La Santisma Muerte.
Welcome and blessed be.**

Now sign or say internally/externally, this petition:

**La Santisma Muerte, Ruler of Mictlan
I seek guidance and aid
I desperately need help with my eating
I have convinced myself, using food for pain & soothing is “control”. But the truth lives in one word. Addiction.
I cannot fight this alone. I need you by my side.
I have failed to do this many times before.
I cannot take another failure.
Please help me find peace. Help me develop and maintain a healthy relationship with food and my body.

I will do my part by [insert commitment]

With your help, I know I can do it this time. I know I can face it hour by hour with you.

Thank you, La Santisma Muerte. I am forever devoted to you.

Proceed to meditate in front of the mirror until you feel loose and heavy
[For a simple meditation guide see “Healing with the Full Moon”]

Once you feel completely relaxed sign or say internally/externally, the following incantation:

Guidance and aid I seek
I have fallen, humbled and weak
I cannot do this on my own
From tender aged to full grown
To food I have given up all control
I have this burden on my soul
I desperately need to end this cycle
Let it be done, let it be final
I don’t want this anymore
I don’t want living to be a chore
I want to eat to savor and nourish
I want to eat so my body can flourish
I don’t want to be held down by this
I don’t want to be lost in the abyss
That is guilt and heavy shame
I no longer want to play this game
Let me live balanced and healthy
Instead of full yet completely empty

Return to meditation and visualize your life free from your eating direction. Go through the full motions of eating a meal by yourself and around others. Continue until you feel comfortably full.

When you are ready, open your eyes. Thank La Santisma Muerte and release her.

Document any insights.

Close the circles.


Remember to keep to your commitment. La Santisma Muerte can help you, but cannot change you. That is up to you and you alone.




I write as a means to heal. I hope my words can serve as a reminder, that we are not alone. That we all deserve to be heard and seen. [they/them]