My Lady in Red

2 min readMay 10, 2022


Her image
Always in my mind
Ever since
The night She came to me
And reaffirmed Her love
and devotion

Blessed and humbled
By Her grace
I have been
In awe
Of Her
Since we first crossed paths

I don’t remember the day
Because since then
It has felt
Like She was always
In my life

I don’t remember a time
That I haven’t felt
The cloak of Her love
And protection

I don’t remember a time
Where I wasn’t excited
To bring Her
Oh the, roses

Our room smelled of roses
And incense
Especially on the nights
Where all we did
Was drink sweet wine
And dance
All night

My hips would sway
Between smoke
And candlelight
Overcome by both bass and melody
The heat
Of my own body
Filled the room
And the energy
That emanated from Her
Holy scythe
Glimered between
The Smoke
And candlelight

I’d dance as Her
Holy Companion
The Owl
Whispered Truth
In my ear
I’d dance as Her
Sweet cat
Glided between
My lower legs
I’d dance as Her
Wolf Guardian
Roamed our space

It was on those nights
Where I felt
The truest love
And held
In Her
Where I felt
My glass overflowing
With belief
In myself

She gives
What you give
Love for love
Devotion for devotion
Upkeep for good health
Offerings for prosperity
She is no monster
No devil in disguise
She is not a victim
Of misinformation
But demonization
By those who
With those who colonized
These lands

She is an ancestor
In her own right
She lived long before
These borders
And will continue
To rule
With love